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True Story Night



Vergangene Showtimes

20:00 - 22:30

The hugely popular TRUE STORY NIGHTS from Vienna Storytelling Collective continues in Volkstheater’s Rote Bar. Following sold out monthly shows since April 2022 these exciting storytelling evenings bring you a different line up of performers each time, with surprising, moving, hilarious and sometimes shockingly true stories. BBC drama/comedy producer Turan Ali is your host each time and welcomes you to a rollercoaster evening with eight gripping, high quality true stories – some from Vienna. Our ever-changing quartet of storytellers for each show includes novelists, comedians, radio, TV and film professionals, screenplay writers, performance poets, singer-songwriters and theatre-makers. It feels like being the priest at a confessional, hearing such personal revelations …. but you don’t need to keep all these a secret!