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Turbo w/ Inhalt der Nacht


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23:00 - 06:00
Grelle Forelle

Inhalt Der Nacht / Lebendig | DE
Aida Arko / Soma, TURBO
Alex Maurer / Meat Market, TURBO

French Connexion.
Mario Liberti
DJ Void B2b Stipo

Inhalt der Nacht is a Berlin born and based producer and DJ, whose signature sound is inspired by Cold Wave and New Wave. With his productions, Inhalt der Nacht is presenting his very own take on EBM-infused Techno. After making a name for himself as a DJ he started his label Lebendig in 2017 where beside his own productions he releases music by his friends and partners in crime Peryl, Tham, and Hkkptr.