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Uj Baja / Carrageenan / Superskin


Vergangene Showtimes

21:00 - 04:00


Új Bála (live)
(Dalmata Daniel, NONA Records / HU)
'Industrial disco in the finest tradition by Gábor Kovács. Új Bála is evoking images of a factory full of machines whose output is non-existent, their mechanical intensity focused entirely on
perpetuating their own eternal repetitions."(We Need No Swords)'

Carrageenan (Czaszka Records / BE)
Solo minimal raw beats by Brussels based midnight lurker Matthieu Levet, also part of the duo Carcass Identity. His live performance often turns the venue to a black hole of analog
percussions and heavy distorted dub bass, drowning the audience in a splurge of electronic tonal and atonal dribble. After 'Let's Go There' his first LP on Cold Moss, his new album
'Invisible Design' was just released on Czaszka Records.Previously performed in north and east Europe, UK, Japan (Cafe Oto, Salon des Amateurs, Kraak Festival, Forestlimit Tokyo) and toured with Bear Bones Lay Low, Accou, Spoils & Relics, CIA debutante, Descendeur, Uj Bala.
"From Suicide to Add N To (X), there’s a grand tradition of brutish electronics that doesn’t care about technical innovation; these artists just switch on a drum machine and get down
and dirty. It’s in this noble lineage that Belgian producer Carrageenan operates. These six long tracks (they range from six to 15 minutes) are all about the blunt, basic slam and judder
of drum sounds, the snarl of distorted bass, and the squeal of synth resonance, repeated and repeated and repeated until your brain is numb and your feet are moving. They are brilliant."
(Joe Muggs, Bandcamp Daily)

Superskin (Baba Vanga, Sama Records / AT)
Andreas Klotz aka Superskin creates airy, lo-fi-encrusted, poly-textural compositions that revel in an opium haze. Following dub-infected sequences of rhythmic structures, slabs of luscious melodies modestly introduce themselves only to roll back and reappear, generating spacious otherworldly landscapes. Stripped down enigmatic arrangements that operate in a realm of deconstruction and textural sensibility.
Superskin has released albums on SF Broadcasts, Baba Vanga, Sama Recordings and Feathered Coyote Records. „Solo project by Viennese artist Andreas Klotz. The music here is electronic but based on synthesized percussion as much as anything else. It also has an airiness (or holeyness) that gives it a dubby feel. The best parts are where this side meets melodic key lines of a vaguely Middle Eastern nature, making me think of Muslimgauze (at their lightest) crossed with Legendary Pink Dots (at their most diffuse). Other parts sound more like getting slapped while participating in a game show.” (THE WIRE)