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Urban Kizomba Classes


Vergangene Showtimes

19:30 - 23:59
Fania Live
19:30 - 23:59
Fania Live

In December and January there will be several Urban Kizomba and Kizomba Special classes in FaniaLive, always on WED starting at 19:30.

  • 11.12. 19:30 - Urban Kizomba 1

  • 11.12. 20:30 - Urban Kizomba 2

  • 08.01. 19:30 - Urban Kizomba 3

  • 08.01. 20:30 - Urban Kizomba 4

One class costs 10€ incl. 3€ drink voucher (so only 7€ per hour) and incl. free entrance to the party, which is starting from 21:30.
Both classes cost 15€ incl. 3€ drink voucher and incl. free entrance to the party.

In order to enjoy dancing, you have to learn how to get the right attitudes. Also you have to learn how to lead and to follow. Therefore the focus of these workshops is on LEARNING DANCING and not only on learning steps and moves. That's why you should learn Kizomba in FaniaLive! But also:

  • Because right after the classes there is Kizomba Lounge - DJ Coração & DJ Valeryx , a social dancing, where you can practice what you've learned and of course meet other more experienced dancers. You stay at the same venue, you don’t even leave the dance floor and practice what you learned!

  • Because experienced dancers come to the classes to help out. In this way you improve much faster!

  • Because of the best price in Vienna: only 6-7€ for one class!

  • Because attendees of dancing classes have FREE entrance to the party, which is starting from 21:30.

So use this chance to learn Kizomba! You won’t regret it!

For further information and registration please send e-mail to “[email protected]

Location: “FaniaLive”, Address: Gürtellinie U-Bahnbögen 22-23, 1080 Vienna, see also map: https://goo.gl/sNdzdR