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Valerie Renay


Vergangene Showtimes

20:00 - 04:00

Music for fast moving clouds.

Postpunk chansons somewhere between Charlotte Gainsbourg and Malaria" (Siegessäule - DE)

Berlin-based French Caribbean performer, healer, artist and electronic pop chanteuse Valerie Renay will play songs from her debut solo album“Your Own Shadow” co-produced by Alex Paulick-Thiel (Kreidler), a collection of empowering and ethereal tracks that exude dreamy, dark electronic scents with a visceral twist. An opus full of contrasts, taking the listener through the whole spectrum of human emotions.

The stage show is raw and sensual, with Valerie delivering a dramatic and emotionally charged vocal performance. Poignant stories are delivered in English and French over layers of synths, guitar, and hypnotic bass lines, bouncing off bewitching tribal beats.