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The automotive and component supply industry are faced with crucial challenges, such as changing customer behaviors, new players on the market, e-mobility, digitalization, globalization and others. To stay competitive, managers must be able to identify short-term and long-term challenges, to structure complex, dynamic projects and to make the right decisions in complex and difficult situations.

Since 2009 the TU Wien together with the STU Bratislava has been offering a unique MBA Program for Automotive and Supply Industry. With our 10 years experience with MBA Program we upgraded the MBA program and changed it in a new format – MBA Automotive Industry - to meet the current challenges and requirements of the automotive industry.

Selecting the right MBA program is not an easy decision to make. To help you with your decision, we would like to invite you to our next event "Virtual Online Afternoon". At the Virtual Online Afternoon the Academic Director of the MBA Program, Prof. Wilfried Sihn & the program team present the new MBA Automotive Industry Program and answer your questions.

To join the event, please register via our contact form on the website.