Vol.4: Relax 'n' Balance


Vergangene Showtimes

18:00 - 23:00

l i v e Rush to Relax + balans. Disk jockeys. Drinks. a friendly invitation by Cut Surface.

► balans (Ljubljana)
Subtly epic bunker duo balans delve into constructed club playground, hijacking beats from your step and pasting them to your next favorite song. Noise pop, improvisational kraut and ethereal darkwave merge in psychedelic lo-fi balance. The perfectly chaotic focus of this audio-visual art duo from Ljubljana is maintained by Kristin Čona and Andrej Pervanje. balans deconstructs their duality by effortlessly interchanging assigned musical parts, swapping formation numerous times, adding new layers and fast paced emotions throughout. Tales, rooted deep in musical existentialism, bring new transparency, new fury to their discographical exploits, yet again expanding the band's audiovisual scopes. Take your time. Clarity will come.

► Rush to Relax (Ljubljana)
Rush to Relax – a solo project by bedroom punk Damian Manevski that developed after a bunch of failed bands – brings the warmth and intimacy of home-recorded music, standing with a firm DIY mindset and under heavy influence of the global rock'n'roll heritage. Although named after ECSR's last album, the expression has more in common with present-day solo projects like Itchy Bugger, Escape-ism or Vasko Atanasoski. Rush to Relax just released his debut cassette in early September via Ljubljana's Look Back And Laugh label. The live performance? Stripped-down and energetic, brought with an electric guitar, vocals and some pre-recorded material. Free up your calendar and come to the show! There's no point if you only rush to relax.