Vergangene Showtimes

18:30 - 20:30
RaumD / Q21

Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos, Teilnahme entsprechend der aktuellen COVID-19 Regelungen


Der Vortrag im Rahmen der Ausstellung "Overground Resistance" wird sich auf A4C - ArtsForTheCommons' jüngsten Arbeiten zu Naturrechten und Extraktivismus konzentrieren, darunter auch auf die laufenden Arbeiten für die Sydney Biennale 2022.

The presentation will focus on ongoing research on rights of nature and urban resistance based on works and videos shot in various locations (Ecuador, South Korea and Italy) and on “Vilcabamba – de Iura fluminis et Terrae”, which will appear in the 2022 Sydney Biennale. Project partners are the Global Alliance on the Rights of Nature, the International Tribunal on the Rights of Nature and a collective of Australian aboriginal artist and academics. It will consist of a video and a music piece created using GPS data from rivers with legal personhood. Other works to be presented will deal with hacking smart cities, resisting extractivism and reclaiming the rights of urban ecosystems.

A4C – Artsforthecommons, a collective platform founded by Ecuadorian visual artist Rosa Jijon and Italian activist Francesco Martone, started working on migration and borders with exhibitions in Ecuador, Italy and Slovenia, and a publication on migration and contemporary arts. Current areas of work include extractivism, rights of nature and urban commons.