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20:00 - 23:59
Ateliertheater Wien

First time in Europe – the YU Project, a moving Ghost with Live-Music. Save the date and don’t miss the chance to enjoy this performance!

Prelude: “Transformation – taking off layers”

What is defining ourselfes in this world ? How many layers does our existence have ? Am I this layers ? What is underneath the last layer of definition, what is hidden under my religion, my culture, my gender ? Society is constantly giving definitions of who we are, or are supposed to be – according to our gender, our race, our culture. We are born in this world of definitions end expectations, they wrap around us like layers and define our existence. This performance intents to go beyond this layers of self-definition and reveal the essence of a very personal human existence.


Miriam Strasser: dancer/performer
is based in Vienna as performer/actress and theater/dance teacher. She was trained in physical theatre and Butoh-dance and likes to combine disciplines, as in her Solo “Transformation”. Researching in non-ordinary fields and working in ways that let the body talk more than the voice is her passion.

— 15 minutes break —

Main part: “The YU Project”

Yū (幽) / phantom

Yū, with its polysemic beauty, could be interpreted as special sensitivity for being “fleeting”, “airy” and “vague” but can also be understood by many Japanese people as “ghost”, “apparition” or “phantom”.

This performance depicts two Japanese goddesses, one in the shape of a phantom, the other as a modern woman. Both are brought to life through the languages of dance and music.
God(ess) or monsters have their back and front faces which are intrinsic to each other, just as those of human beings. Every existence has inherent aspects of good and evil and traces of sadness found at the bottom of the heart. However, sometimes this sadness might be or become mercy or hope.

Yū wanders between reality and mystery, speaking in abstract and sensitive tone colors, gestures and motions in search for realizing the true happiness in her heart.


Shin’ichi Isohata: guitar, composition
(1962) is one of the pioneers of the Japanese contemporary improvised music. He is known for his delicate and minimalistic aesthetics which is deeply rooted in Japanese culture and philosophy. For his numerous music performances and recordings, he has collaborated with figures notably Otomo Yoshihide, Tetuzi Akiyama, Hans Koch, Michael Thieke, Franz Loriot, Jone Takamäki, Takumi Seino, etc. In 2014, he composed the soundtrack for documentary film “Legacy of Frida Kahlo…Miyako Ishiuchi, as weaving” (Director : Tadasuke Kotani).

Naoyo Yakushi: piano, composition
After her graduation from the Osaka Music University – Piano department and from the Mozarteum Academy of Music Masterclass in Salzburg, she returned to Japan and is active since then as a pianist whose repertoire encompasses both classical and contemporary music. Being interested in the psychological aspect of music as a way to “open and heal the mind”, she went on studying art therapy, music therapy and became a professional pianist-therapist.

Misuzu: dance, choreography, costume
is based in Kyoto as a contemporary dancer. She was trained in classical ballet but has always kept exploring and pushing the limit of the human body’s language. She collaborates with artists in various fields, but her main focus stays in live performance because of its direct impact on the audience. Dance is , for her, also a way to interact with the space, to narrate story, and to quest after one’s identity.

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