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There are DJs that started playing records way before they set foot in a studio. Handicraftsmen that build their entire career on their unique ability to electrify an audience with their skills behind the turntables. This road is surely longer and harder, but at the same time guarantees a lifelong loyal fan base centered around you.

Peter Cornely aka Karotte, born 1969 in Saarbrücken, is a prime example for such a phenomenon. Over the last two decades he has worked himself to the top. Not necessarily as a producer, but as a worldwide revered DJ. Achieving this distinguished position by purely giving 100% each and every night at clubs all around the globe.

In addition we present to you R.O.S.H. He is a UK based artist, mix-engineer and writer who seeks to subvert expectation at
every opportunity. His music, while classified under the broad
umbrella of Techno, is inspired predominately by UK Funky, Chief Keef, Playboi Carti and A.R.Rahman’s greatest hits. The same goal of subversion applies to his DJ sets which come with heavy doses of humour, surprise and energy. R.O.S.H.’s current trajectory looks like a rocket taking off and he’s more than happy to take you along for the ride.


KAROTTE (break new soil, tronic / frankfurt)
R.O.S.H. (rekids,monkeytown, turbo / uk)
Crazy Sonic (tronic)


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