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Heimo Zobernig - The Graphic Oeuvre



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Artist’s books and catalogue and graphic design are central strands in Heimo Zobernig’s (Mauthen, AT, 1958) oeuvre. In addition to the layout and design of his own books and catalogues, he has created posters, invitation cards, record covers, and similar paraphernalia. Translating Zobernig’s interest in the interplay between form and function as well as the ways in which art is presented and exhibition displays in an expanded publishing context, these works also suggest his dedicated study of typography, language, systems of order, and theories of color. For example, he draws creative inspiration from pertinent industry standards (the DIN A4 format or the CMYK color model) and wittily challenges generally accepted design precepts. The exhibition presents selections from the museum’s library, archive, and collection that illustrate the Austrian artist’s sustained engagement with essential linguistic and visual aspects of art publishing.