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Vergangene Showtimes

19:30 - 21:30

With sprawling sonic landscapes on the Berlin trio’s 2018 debut album „Ringthing“ JAGUWAR played their way into the hearts of noise romantics. Their second album „Gold“ is more than a symbiosis of intricate playfulness and the empowering strength of innermost desires. It is a blast of future pop - an album arising from the band’s predisposition to experiment. It is a call for Justice.


..was born out of a desire for symbiosis. For connection. From the very beginning as a solo project of a young musician looking for meaning, its intent was to connect the sonic dots of its creator’s identity to form something that’s more than the sum of its parts. Now acting as a full band the four-piece from Berlin, Germany channel their connection to the world around them through weeping melodies perched on top of shoegazey pads and soundscapes which are then delivered with an explosive and manic urgency and relentless drums. Their sound nests within the realms of Post-Rock, Shoegaze, Post-Metal and the ever so ambiguous term “dreamo”.

MANIC YOUTH is back with a bang. The 4-piece that is undoubtedly the best shoegaze/noise rock act in shithole Austria is presenting this evening some new (of their upcoming third album!) & some older songs (from the breathtaking 2021 record „Funland“) and we’re very excited to have them again.  Their wall of sound feels like an amusement park where the cotton candy tastes like shoegaze, the Ferris wheel plays punk rock & the rollercoaster catapults you from indie to metal while hearing the kids scream dire pop melodies.