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MJ Presents: Guitar Wolf & František



20:30 - 22:30
MJ Presents: Guitar Wolf & František
Japan's greatest Jet R'n'R band

A lot of japanese Rock’n roll fan’s really look up to Guitar Wolf.
They are Rock’n roll heroes in existence.
They are special to us like no other.
They have been making a lot of legends and playing sound the impulse as always from 90s.
Their music is very extreme and very loud; just like Rock’n roll should be. Seiji’s lyrics have a sense of individual humor and evoked a sense of “Galaxy” & “The Showa”.
The three guys cover themselves with a black leather that their sound is the same as a long time ago.
They are always prusuing their style.
Their perseverence had an effect on each others.
Guitar Wolf has always pushed forward, beyond the boundaries of any one-dimensional rock trio.
They will go on increasing Guitar wolf avid fans all over the world.